Artist Statement

Artist Statement. Peggy Sivert. 2021

My entire life in Los Angeles has been built upon a moving foundation with art deep at the core.  A common thread throughout my artwork is the connection with humanity and nature’s most vulnerable.  The subject of the horse is often present in my work representing strength and vulnerability in our culture.  As the digital world powers ahead, my art aims at capturing the struggle to maintain relevance in the physical world.

Relics of Process

Today, with much more time for art, I can reflect on my thoughts and feelings about what I deem to be important.  I find myself looking back at the past and to my amazement I am compelled to reinterpret the archaeological remains of my 20 year career of teaching a robust high school ceramic art program.  I can’t help but value each and every piece that my students left behind, from the perfect little treasure to the clumsy, imperfect form.  Every object is vulnerable.  My current series, called Relics of Process, honors the art of student practice.  The Relics, composed of a huge collection of transformed ceramic cast offs and shards, include wall and floor mosaics, a variety of studio sculptures and installations; stacks of unglazed, broken, unhoused and unusable ceramics that can be spotted throughout my open space in Portuguese Bend.

I am deeply grateful to those artists who have come before me.  My art has been influenced by the study of ancient civilizations including Asian art and the Zen philosophy.  Peter Voulkos has had an effect on my ceramic sculpture and teaching style, while painters Susan Rothenberg and Alberto Giacommetti have greatly influenced my painting aesthetic. 

Women's March 2017, Downtown LA